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Episode 193 - Managing the Christmas overindulgence. The Kona 5. Interview with Terenzo Bozzone

Episode 192 - Run cadence. Mineral supplementation for improved performance. Interview with Magali Tisseyre.

Episode 191 - The Ironman Taupo 70.3 Episode

Episode 190 - REDS Part 2. Race round up with Sid. Interview with Eric Lagerstrom.

Episode 189 - Relative Energy Deficiency Syndrome. Laura Siddalls back in NZ. Interview with Timothy ODonnell.

Episode 188 - Mikkis Race Review. HPSNZ Psychologist Lou Davey. Interview with James Cunnama.

Episode 187 - The brain and running economy. LCHF and performance. Interview with Ruedi Wild.

Episode 186 - How maximal fat oxidation influences performance in an Ironman. Interview with Andrew Starykowicz

Episode 185 - CLA and L-Cartinine. Toughman. Major League Triathlon. Interview with Lauren Brandon

Episode 184 - Mental sabotage. Tattooing and sweat rates. Interview with Ben Kanute

Kona Special The Finale

Kona Special Part 4 with Will Clarke Patrik Nilsson Bart Aernouts and Sam Appleton

Kona Special Part 3 with Cam Brown Jocelyn McCauley and Kyle Buckingham

Kona Special Part 2 with Josh Amberger Sarah Crowley and Dan Plews.

Kona Special Part 1 with Heather Jackson and Laura Siddall

Episode 183 - Its Kona Week. Pacing. Sleep. Hydration and Cooling. Interviews with Dirk Bockel and Liz McTernan

Episode 182 - Savoury Snacks for the Endurance Athlete. Sids Back. Interview with Lauren Goss

Episode 181 - Periodising Training for Kona. Keto Diet and Thyroid. Interview with Yvonne Van Vlerken.

Episode 180 - Altitude training. Training dehydrated. Interviews with Andi Boecherer and Sam Osborne.

Episode 179 - Laura Siddall hosts this week and we talk about the weekends racing.

Episode 178 - TSB for rest and recovery. Toughman South Carolina. Interview with Lisa Roberts

Episode 177 - The ITU Multisport World Champs Episode Penticton 2017

Episode 176 - Capsaicin. What to display on your head unit on race day. Interview with Jaime Nielsen.

Episode 175 - Aerobars. Riboflavin. Breca SwimRun Bay of Islands. Interview with Brad Kearns.

Episode 174 - Iron overload. Using data to inform your taper. Interview with Corinne Abraham.

Episode 173 - Noosa Training Camp. Athlete Nutrition Progammes. Interview with Haley Chura

Episode 172 - Stryd Power Meter. Protein. Interview with Joe Skipper

Episode 171 - Coffee and longevity. The Brave Athlete. Gut Microbiome. Interview with Laura Siddall

Episode 170 - Is cadence limiting your Ironman performance. Ibuprofen. Interview with Lucy Charles

Episode 169 - TSS. Drafting. Real food options for athletes. Interview with Bart Aernouts.

Episode 168 - Rest. Beer. Occlusion Training. Interview with Mike Phillips.

Episode 167 - BCAAs and Enduracell. Metabolic Efficiency. Interview with Laura Philipp

Episode 166 - IM Cairns Race Review. Challenge Championship Review. Interview with Sam Betten.

Episode 165 - CTL Ranges for Kona. Fasting. Interview with Richard Thompson.

Episode 164 - Using TSS to plan your season. Tomatorade. Interview with Ellie Salthouse.

Episode 163 - The Training Stress Score. Fluid guidelines for cyclists. Interview with Scott Molina.

Episode 162 - What the elite Boston marathoners ate. Sid wins Ironman Australia. Interview with Ronnie Schildknect.

Episode 161 - Swimmings a drag. Digestive Enzymes. Interview with Hamish Bond

Episode 160 - How to train swimming speed. Ketone Esters and glucose. Interview with Mirinda Carfrae.

Episode 159 - Triathlon training principles. BCAAs update. Interview with Charlotte McShane

Episode 158 - Visceral fat and its relationship to performance. Interviews with Braden Currie and Jocelyn McCauley

Episode 157 - The pedal stroke. Nutritional tips for Easter partying. Interview with Richard Varga.

Episode 156 - The long run. Exogenous Ketones. Cold water immersion. Interview with Pedro Gomes.

Episode 155 - Sub maximal fitness testing. Smoothies. Interview with Sarah Crowley.

Episode 154 - The long run. Sleep aids. Interview with Camille Herron

Episode 153 - The Challenge Wanaka IMNZ Double. Post event recovery food choices. Interview with Emma Bilham

Episode 152 - IMNZ Recap. Caffeine and Recovery. Interview with Sam Appleton

Episode 151 - Acupuncture. Dougal Allans Race Nutrition. Interview with Dougal Allan

Episode 150 - Should we tumble turn. Going wrong on LCHF Part II. Interview with John Duke.

Episode 149 - Paralysis by analysis. LCHF... where you might be going wrong. Interview with Mary Beth Ellis

Episode 148 - Tapering. HMB and ATP. Interview with Leon Griffin

Episode 147 - Early and late risers. Personalised nutrition. Interview with Josiah Middaugh.

Episode 146 - Stress and recovery. Mark Allen diet and nutrition. Interview with Amelia Watkinson.

Episode 145 - Fitter Bike Block and Port of Tauranga Half. LCHF the latest research. Interview with Bob Babbitt

Episode 144 - Interval training. Sugar cravings. Interview with Faris Al-Sultan

Episode 143 - Running off the bike. Race day breakfasts of the pros. Interview with Patrick Lange

Episode 142 - Swim pacing. Caffeine and ketosis. Interview with Javier Gomez.

Episode 141 - Mark Johnson Spitting in the Soup. Performance Enhancing Supplements. Interview with Dan Wilson

Episode 140 - Does the swim matter at IM. Fat and satiety. Interviews with Terenzo Bozzone and Kate Bevilaqua

Episode 139 - Update on probiotics. What happens under the water. Interview with Kaisa Lehtonen

Episode 138 - Superfoods. Double Bike Days. Ian Jones does Ironman. Interview with Andi Boecherer

Episode 137 - Boosting testosterone. Downhill running. Interview with Kevin Collington

Episode 136 - Party tips for athletes. Beating bugs with BCAAs. Interview with Katja Konschak

Episode 135 - The freestyle stroke. High fat feeding after exercise. Interview with Marko Albert.

Episode 134 - Interview with Nathan Shearer. Green Tea Supplementation. Interview with Amelia Watkinson

Episode 133 - Optimising protein. Bevans power file from Kona. Interview with Henri Schoeman.

Episode 132 - Bevans Kona race review. Injury Healing Protocol. Interviews with Braden Currie and Charles Adamo.

Kona Special The Finale

Kona Special Part 4 with Lisa Bentley Brent McMahon Paul Buick Thorsten Radde

Kona Special Part 3 - Polar Media Event. Paul Buick. Matt Dixon.

Kona Special Part 2 with Paul Buick. Laura Siddall. Jimmy Seear.

Kona Special Part 1 with Paul Buick Stacy Sims and Laura Siddall.

Episode 131 - Why mouthwash is bad. From ITU to long-who will make it. Interview with Luke McKenzie

Episode 130 - Beet juice. Hamstring strengthening. Interview with Lance Watson

Episode 129 - High Intensity Training. Taupo 70.3 Prep with Lance Watson. Interview with Carrie Lester

Episode 128 - Carbohydrate ingestion during long distance triathlon. Bevans Race Review. Interview with Tim Reed

Episode 127 - Ironman 70.3 World Champs round up. Interview with Jamie Turner

Episode 126 - Protein. Pre-race nerves. Ketone esters. Interview with Heather Jackson.

Episode 125 - GI Distress factors. Bevs run prep for 70.3 Worlds. Interview with Holly Lawrence

Episode 124 - Transitioning to LCHF. Bevans Swim Training Tips. Interview with Emma Pallant

Episode 123 - Intuitive eating. The standing desk. Interview with Kyle Buckingham

Episode 122 - 10 bio hacks for fruit. Joe Skippers power file from Roth. Interview with Nick Kastelein

Episode 121 - Collagen. 19 Running Tips for Triathletes. Interview with Will Clarke

Episode 120 - Zinc and Colostrum. IM 70.3 World Champs Training and Course. Interview with Flora Duffy

Episode 119 - Supplements. Foot Strike. Interviews with Braden Currie et al.

Episode 118 - HOTSHOT review. Freestyle Arm Recovery. Interview with Sara Gross.

Episode 117 - Tart Cherry. Tyre Pressure. Interview with Linsey Corbin.

Episode 116 - Hangover cures. Cairns Ironman. Interview with Dr Stacy Sims

Episode 115 - KetoShield. Phil Maffetone Part 2. Interview with Ashleigh Gentle.

Episode 114 - New products. Massage. Phil Maffetone Part 1. Interview with Tony Dodds

Episode 113 - Warm bowls of veginess. Downhill running. Interview with Jesse Thomas

Episode 112 - CHO titbits. Strength training. Interview with Lionel Sanders

Episode 111 - Protein. Running Mechanics. Longevity. Interview with Ryan Bailie.

Episode 110 - Calorie Tracking. Gerry Rodrigues Tower 26. Interview with Liz Lyles

Episode 109 - MCT powder. Interviews with Stef Hanson of WITSUP and Ben Hoffman

Episode 108 - New products alert. Hill sprints. Interview with Tim Van Berkel

Episode 107 - The thyroid. Ventilatory thresholds. Interviews with Lauren Steadman and Sarah-Anne Brault

Episode 106 - Antibiotics. Metabolic Efficiency and VO2 Testing. Interview with Josh Amberger.

Episode 105 - The perils of coconut oil. The swim kick. Interview with Angela Naeth.

Episode 104 - Salad Dressings. Winter Swimming. Interviews with Matt Russell and Vanessa Murray

Episode 103 - Protecting your immune system. Recovering from an Ironman. Interview with Paul Ambrose.

Episode 102 - Bevan reviews his IMNZ race. Walking the aid stations. Interviews with Nathan Shearer and India Kraal.

Episode 101 - Energy Deficits. Basic Tips to consider before signing up for an Ironman. Interview with Aaron Royle.

Episode 100 - Does the paleo diet make you fat. Reviewing your race. Interview with Elina Ussher.

Episode 099 - Cutting the bad carbs. Building speed and endurance when fatigued. Interview with Sam Clark.

Episode 098 - Tips for back to back iron distance races. High cadence cycling. Interview with Natalie Van Coevorden

Episode 097 - Are you a fat burner. Micro burst high intensity interval training. Interview with Alicia Kaye.

Episode 096 - When is a calorie not a calorie. How the pros train. Interview with Jarrod Shoemaker.

Episode 095 - Vitamin C mega dosing. Monitoring athlete training response. Interview with Barbara Riveros

Episode 094 - Aspirin. High Intensity Running. Interview with Joe Skipper.

Episode 093 - Cocoa. Water. Procrastination. Concurrent Training. Interview with Maik Twelsiek

Episode 092 - Chlorine. Heat adaptation via a hot bath. Interview with Vicky Holland.

Episode 091 - Dark chocolate. Shoulder rotation in swimming. Interview with Graeme Maw

Episode 090 - Medications that affect sleep. Measuring fatigue and recovery. Interview with Sam Warriner.

Episode 089 - Thyroid. Recovery. Interviews with Sarah Piampiano and Laura Siddall.

Episode 088 - Track your water intake. Stride rate. Interview with Professor Grant Schofield

Episode 087 - Lunch and Smoothie Ideas. Tapering with Terenzo and Meredith. Interview with Matt Fitzgerald.

Episode 086 - Avoiding weight gain over Christmas. Cam and Dylan talk tapering. Interview with Braden Currie

Episode 085 - Partner support with eating choices. Mindfulness. Interview with Joe Gambles.

Episode 084 - Self Esteem. Addictive Foods. Interview with Sarah Piampiano.

Episode 083 - Is Red Meat Carcinogenic. Weight Training for Endurance Athletes. Interview with Non Stanford.

Episode 082 - Breakfast Cereals. Cam and Dylan talk about building for an event. Interview with Michelle Vesterby.

Episode 081 - Osmonutrition. Cycling Strength Workouts. Interview with Susie Cheetham.

Episode 080 - Kona 2015 Round Up. Swim Drafting. Interview with Lucy Gossage.

Episode 079 - Supplements - are they a waste of time. Interviews with Luke Bell and Dougal Allan.

Episode 078 - Processed Meat. Gait Retraining. Interview with Brent McMahon

Episode 077 - Kombucha. Heat Acclimation. Interview with Mark Bowstead.

Episode 076 - Fluoride. Base training. Interviews with Meredith Kessler and Terenzo Bozzone.

Episode 075 - Calcium phytonutrients. Plyometrics. Interviews with Liz Blatchford and Simon Cochrane.

Episode 074 - Low carb versus low fat. Base Training. Interview with Cam Brown and Dylan McNeice

Episode 073 - 10 Subs for Bread. High Intensity Cycling. Interview with Kate Bevilaqua and Guy Crawford.

Episode 072 - Probiotics. Predicting your Ironman Finish Time. Interview with Heather and Trevor Wurtele.

Episode 071 - Six Reasons to Avoid Antioxidants. The 30.20.10 Workout. Interview with Belinda Granger.

Episode 070 - Whey Natural Protein Powder. Blood Profiling. Interview with Rachel Joyce.

Episode 069 - Training Low. T Max Intervals. Interview with Yvonne Van Vlerken and Per Bittner

Episode 068 - LCHF for Young Athletes. Swim Workouts to Improve Speed. Interview with Brad Kahlefeldt.

Episode 067 - Intermittent Fasting. Open Water Swimming. Interview with Siri Lindley.

Episode 066 - Food Order. Meditation. Interview with Sam Appleton.

Episode 065 - Circadian Rhythms. Swimmings a Drag. Interview with James Cunnama.

Episode 064 - 7 Best Supplements for Endurance Athletes. Hydration. Interview with Caroline Steffen

Episode 063 - Low Carb Diet Mistakes. Mental Toughness. Interview with Matt Hanson.

Fitter Radio Exclusive - Interview with Challenge CEO Zibi Szlufcik

Episode 062 - Meal Frequency. Perceived Effort. Endurance Performance Summits

Episode 061 - Sleep. Telomeres and endurance training. Interview with Jodie Swallow

Episode 060 - Caffeine Cycling. Endurance Performance Summit Auckland. Interview with Rebekah Keat.

Episode 059 - Optimal timing for supplements. Improving Gross Efficiency. Interview with Michelle Bremer.

Episode 058 - P.O.S. in female endurance athletes. Fitness Testing Metrics. Interview with Nicola Spirig

Episode 057 - Carb cravings. Testing your fitness before race day. Interview with Cameron Dye

Episode 056 - Fast food over 5 days. The Sneaky Breath. Interview with Frederik Van Lierde.

Episode 055 - Is fast food good recovery food. Yasso 800s. Interview with Gwen Jorgensen

Episode 054 - Iron and its role in the body. Gotz Heine and mid sole cleats. Interview with Joe Friel.

Episode 053 - LCHF and Thyroid. Stroke Rate for Swimming. Interview with Mel Hauschildt.

Episode 052 - Food cravings. Off season swimming. Interview with Jamie Turner

Episode 051 - Colostrum and endurance athletes. Saddle sores. Interviews with Dylan McNeice and Carl Read.

Episode 050 - Bevans IMNZ Race Report. Interview with Bob Seebohar

Episode 049 - Nutrition for overtrained athletes. Running on a treadmill. Interview with Terenzo Bozzone.

Episode 048 - Natural foods as an antibiotic. Complex Training. Interview with Laurent Vidal.

Episode 047 - How antibiotics affect performance. How to taper and peak for a race. Interview with Sam Warriner.

Episode 046 - Protein in Sports Drinks. Jet Lag and how to cope if travelling to a race. Interview with Hillary Biscay.

Episode 045 - LCHF tips for athletes leading into their race. H.I.I. Training. Interview with Meredith Kessler

Episode 044 - Creatine and endurance athletes. The chain ring - circular or oval. Interview with Tim Gudsell.

Episode 043 - Recovering from a race day sugar binge. Stride length and running. Interview with Cat Morrison.

Episode 042 - Rebound Hypoglycemia. How to Start Training with Power. Interview with Courtney Atkinson.

Episode 041 - Training in race position. Alcohol and hangover cures. Interview with Katee Pedicini

Episode 040 - All bunged up and cant go. The Central Governor Theory. Interview with Paul Laursen.

Episode 039 - Ironman marathon pacing. Maintaining weight on an LCHF diet. Interview with Richard Murray.

Episode 038 - Swimming and the pull buoy. LCHF Starter Kit. Interview with Britta Martin

Episode 037 - Big week training. Inflammation and the athlete. Interview with Kaytee Boyd

Episode 036 - Fasted training. Recovery post marathon. Interview with Joel Filliol.

Episode 035 - Bulletproof Coffee. Energy Psychology. Speedtheory. Interview with Cameron Brown

Episode 034 - Supplements for the low carb athlete. The standing desk. Interview with James Dunne.

Episode 033 - 80-20 Running. Green Powders. Interview with Tim Van Berkel

Episode 032 - Pacing strategies. Top 10 Paleo Breakfasts. Interview with Ryan Sissons.

Episode 031 - Metabolic Efficiency Testing. Vegan Athletes. Interview with Chris MACCA McCormack

Episode 030 - High Intensity Run Training. Testosterone and the male athlete. Interview with Jordan Rapp.

Episode 029 - Self Massage. Whey Protein. Interview with Callum Millward.

Episode 028 - Anti-inflammatory foods. Energy drinks. Post Kona catch up. Interview with Matt Dixon.

Episode 027 - 8 Week Marathon Training Plan. Metabolic Flexibility. Interview with Cliff Harvey

Episode 026 - The Taper. Bevs race in Weihai. The Aftermath.

Episode 025 - Heart Rate Variability. Pre-race Nutritional Principles. Interviews with the Kiwi Team in Weihai.

Episode 024 - Walk breaks during run training. Beet juice and nitrate supplementation. Interview with Rich Roll.

Episode 023 - Training with Power. Coconut Water. Interview with Helle Frederiksen

Episode 022 - Beta-Alanine. Hydration and Cooling Strategies. Interview with Paul Laursen Part 2.

Episode 021 - Alcohol and athletic performance. Heat adaptation. Interview with Paul Laursen

Episode 020 - Stress and Cortisol. Interview with Braden Currie.

Episode 019 - Treadmill Running. Recovery Nutrition. Interview with Chris Pilone

Episode 018 - Periodised Training Models. Acute Gastrointestinal Distress. Interview with Pete Jacobs.

Episode 017 - Hypoxic Training. Female Athlete Triad Syndrome. Interview with Jo Lawn

Episode 016 - Maximalist Running Shoes. LCHF and Ketogenic Diets. Interview with Kelly Sheerin.

Episode 015 - The long training run. Fat based gels. Interview with Keith Livingstone

Episode 014 - Cold Thermogenesis. Caffeine. Interview with Vinnie Tortorich.

Episode 013 - Devices for measuring intensity. Magnesium. Interview with Dr James OKeefe.

Episode 012 - Polarised and threshold models... which is better. Interview with Ben Greenfield

Episode 011 - Training intensity distribution. Carbohydrate mouth rinses. Interview with James Oram

Episode 010 - The freestyle swimming kick. Branch Chain Amino Acids. Interview with Paul Westwood

Episode 009 - The Sleep Episode. Interview with Nicholas Gill Strength and Conditioning Coach to the NZ All Blacks

Episode 008 - Strength training - is it valid. Antioxidants. Interview with Tim Reed

Episode 007 - Sports coaching video app. Almonds and endurance sport. Interview with Prof Paul Laursen

Episode 006 - Freestyle Technique Swimming App. Interview with Victoria Murray-Orr. Vitamin D

Episode 005 - The Russian Pyramid. LCHF and the Ketogenic Diet. Interview with Tom Davison. The Sweet Spot

Episode 004 - Iron and an athletes diet. Interview with Terenzo Bozzone. The Potassium Pump Workout.

Episode 003 - Swimming Stroke Rate and Length.  Interview with Kelly Sheerin.  Protein and the athlete's diet

Episode 002 - Muscular Strength Training for the Bike. Interview with Gina Crawford. LCHF Diets

Episode 001 - The Recovery Run. Interview with Dylan McNeice. Metabolic Efficiency

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