Fitter Triathlon Coaching & Exercise Solutions
Bevan McKinnon

Fitter Limited is a New Zealand based coaching business offering highly personalised, quality training programs for those athletes looking for peak performance and to maximise their chances of success at events.

We offer athletes coaching services for triathlon, cycling and running events including sprint triathlons, olympic distance triathlons, marathons, half ironmans, iron distance and cycling endurance challenges. Fitter are also the owner/operators of Fitter Swimming, running structured coached swim squads for triathlon, open water swimming and general fitness. More recently Fitter have launched their weekly triathlon and nutrition podcast "Fitter Radio" offering the latest research, interviews with pro athletes and leading experts to help you improve your sports performance and your health.

Fitter is owned and operated by Bevan McKinnon. Bevan is a Level 3 TRINZ Accredited Coach and a Global Ambassador for Training Peaks. He is also qualified as a Bike NZ coach, a personal trainer and a strength and conditioning coach. Bevan is a Research Associate for AUT Millennium's Endurance Performance Clinic and Triathlon Coach for the Sports Performance Research Institute developing training opportunities and sports science testing from within the facility.







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