Fitter Triathlon Coaching & Exercise Solutions
Bevan McKinnon

Fitter provides high quality personalised triathlon training and coaching programs servicing both individuals and groups, ranging from the beginner through to the elite triathlete.

Whether you're looking to complete your first triathlon, want to improve your general health and fitness or have Ironman aspirations, we can help you avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls and get the most out of every second you train. 

We at Fitter know what it's like as beginners and have progressed through to racing as professional triathletes. We have trained with and been coached by some of the sports' best known names allowing us the opportunity to learn and develop our own successful training programs.

With many years coaching experience, and Triathlon NZ accreditation, we will deliver a program tailored specifically to you, your life situation and individual goals.








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